Press Release

 10-Nov-2021IMPACT Growth REIT is ready to accommodate events under the COVID-19 measures
 11-May-2021IMPACT Growth REIT supports IMPACT Challenger to be the field hospital to support and take care of COVID-19 patients
 26-Nov-2020IMPACT Growth REIT announces Q2 FY2020/2021 results with dividend of 0.12 baht per unit and remains confident that occupancy rate will improve significantly in Q3 and Q4
 26-Jun-2020IMPACT Growth REIT announced a total revenue over of Baht 2,000 million for 3 consecutive years.
 28-Feb-2020IMPACT Growth REIT announced the 3Q’s 2019/2020 revenue of 880.84 million Baht, net profit growth 32% with the interim dividend payment of 0.30 Baht/unit, the highest since inception
 07-Jun-2019IMPACT Growth REIT announces net profit of Baht 1,317.60 million and dividend of Baht 0.85 per unit
 20-Feb-2019IMPACT Growth REIT showed 3Q’s 2018/2019 net profit growth 20% with all time high dividend at 0.24 Baht/unit
 14-Nov-2018IMPACT Growth REIT reports 14% net profit growth in 2Q’2018/19 Dividend payment at 0.22 Baht per unit
 16-Aug-2018IMPACT Growth REIT announced dividend payment for 0.20 Baht per unit
 02-Jun-2018A bright outlook for IMPACT Growth REIT with 2018-2019 crowded bookings.
 15-Feb-2018IMPACT Growth REIT aims revenue to hit all time high Showed 9M’2017/2018 Net Profit grew at 22%
 14-Nov-2017IMPACT Growth REIT showed 2Q’17/18 net profit growth at 9% with 0.20 Bt. dividend payment.
 14-Nov-2017NAV Announcement as of 29 September, 2017
 10-Nov-2017Notification of Interim Dividend Payment of IMPACT Real Estate Investment Trust

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