Clipping News

 10-Nov-2017Notification of Interim Dividend Payment of IMPACT Real Estate Investment Trust
 10-Nov-2017Reviewed Quarter 2 F/S (F45-1)
 16-Aug-2017IMPACT Growth REIT showed 25% Net Profit growth with 0.19 baht dividend payment.
 03-Jun-2017IMPACT Growth REIT target 2017/2018 revenue growth at 7%
 14-Nov-2016IMPACT Growth REIT shows growth of 7% with net profit of 301 million baht in the second-quarter performance and will pay dividend at 0.17 baht.
 14-Nov-2016The Pink Line is built for whom exactly
 21-Aug-2016Orange Line to pilot commercial project
 16-Aug-2016IMPACT Growth REIT is committed to building return to unitholders and will pay dividend on its first-quarter performance at 0.17 baht after recording 253.14 million baht net profit.
 03-Aug-2016D-day for bidding of Orange, Pink and Yellow lines
 20-Jul-2016B150bn govt nod for train lines
 20-Jul-2016Updates on the Pink and Yellow Lines reit
 14-Jul-2016Private firms buy bidding documents for Orange Pink and Yellow lines
 23-Jun-2016Invitation for Annual General Meeting for the year of 2016 of Trust Unitholder of IMPACT Growth REIT
 22-Jun-201620160526 IMPACT Growth REIT
 16-Jun-2016IMPACT Growth REIT : O/A 15 Jun 2016

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