Press Release

 16-Aug-2017IMPACT Growth REIT showed 25% Net Profit growth with 0.19 baht dividend payment.
 03-Jun-2017IMPACT Growth REIT target 2017/2018 revenue growth at 7%
 14-Nov-2016IMPACT Growth REIT shows growth of 7% with net profit of 301 million baht in the second-quarter performance and will pay dividend at 0.17 baht.
 16-Aug-2016IMPACT Growth REIT is committed to building return to unitholders and will pay dividend on its first-quarter performance at 0.17 baht after recording 253.14 million baht net profit.
 08-Jun-2016IMPACT Growth REIT grew against the economy with space rental area rising 7% to drive revenue beyond the projection...
 24-Nov-2015IMPACT Growth REIT showed a 7.3% dividend yield Reported revenue over 506 million baht in the second quarter of its 2015 fiscal year
 10-Nov-2015IMPACT Growth REIT Gossip News Nov 2015
 14-Dec-2014IMPACT GROWTH REIT forward dividend payment to the next quarter
 01-Oct-2014'IMPACT Growth REIT' Marks October 1st as D-Day for Trading on SET
 18-Sep-2014"IMPACT GROWTH REIT" Created a Striking Phenomenon With a 4.1-Fold Oversubscription
 17-Sep-2014RMI announces Final Offering Price of IMPACT GROWTH REIT at THB10.60 per Unit
 09-Sep-2014"IMPACT Growth REIT" Sets to Launch up to THB 20 billion IPO of the Real Estate Investment Trust

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